Rosellinia diathrausta



Rosellinia diathrausta (Rehm) L. E. Petrini

Rosellinia diathrausta is another member of the subgenus Corrugata with typical thin-walled stromata that are folded in the lower part and seated on a felty subiculum. It deviates from other related species in that its subiculum is white and soon disappearing (Petrini, 1993).

Ascospores of R. diathrausta resemble those of R. mycophila in having one or two inconspicuous blunt cellular appendages and a conspicuous slimy sheath surrounding the whole spore; they differ in being longer and much broader [21.5-28.5 x 9.5-12.5 µm according to Petrini (1993), 22-27 x 7-10 µm according to Francis (1986)] and in having a spore-length germ slit.

The main feature of R. diathrausta definitely is its peculiar ecological requirements. According to Petrini (1993), it is restricted to dead branches of conifers still attached to the trunk, in extreme environmental conditions above 2000 m a. s. l.

Rosellinia diathrausta is known from Europe (Alps), Japan and North America (Rocky Mountains) (Petrini, 1993), but was not yet collected in Pyrénées.