Rosellinia evansii



Rosellinia evansii Laessøe & Spooner.

This taxon is distinctive in being erumpent through bark, with host and fungal tissue arranged in a stellate pattern around each stroma, and ascospores with a spiralling germ slit (Laessøe & Spooner, 1994). Although the former feature rather suggests Astrocystis Berk. & Br., a genus they consider different from Rosellinia, the authors placed this taxon in Rosellinia relying on the Dematophora-like anamorph found associated with the type collection. According to Rappaz (1995), R. evansii could be conspecific with R. americana (Petrak) Rappaz, so far known from the type collection in USA. The latter is said to lack the stellate outer outgrowth.

Rosellinia evansii is likewise distinctive in its distribution, as it is known from North America, Australia and Great Britain. The British specimen was collected on Betula. Rosellinia evansii is yet unknown from continental Europe and is likely to be very rare.