Rosellinia medullaris



Rosellinia medullaris (Wallroth) Ces. & De Not.

Rosellinia medullaris is a poorly documented taxon, known from only one collection from Germany. In her description of R. medullaris, Petrini (1993) emphasizes the broadly ellipsoid to lemon-shaped ascospores averaging 22 x 12.7 Ám, with a nearly spore-length germ slit, without cellular appendages or slimy material. The stromata are uniperitheciate, globose with pointed ostioles, but in absence of subiculum and asci, the status of this species remains uncertain, awaiting new data.

Rosellinia limoniispora Ell. & Ever. is an other taxon cited by Petrini (1993) as having uniperitheciate stromata and lemon-shaped ascospores with a germ slit, and included in her key. Based on stromatal morphology, she assumes this species rather shows affinities with Amphisphaerella (Sacc.) Kirschstein, and has to be excluded from Rosellinia.