Tools used for designing this site


This site was designed working on different platforms (Linux, Solaris, Windows), therefore, cross-platform tools were preferred.
  • Jedit: cross-platform editor/IDE used for writting HTML, Perl and Javascript code.
  • Mozilla: cross-platform browser with a Javascript debugger. We decided to use Javascript for interactive pages rather than CGI scripts because we might decide to publish a more complete version of this site on CD Roms. All scripts were developed from scratch for this site.
  • The Gimp: cross-platform graphic editor used for treatment of photographs (Windows version).
  • Photoshop elements: graphic editor mostly used for cliparts.
  • Perl: programming language used for automatic generation of the pages and slide shows of the "illustrated taxonomic parts" (unfortunately writting plain text for descriptions and taking photographs was not automatic).
  • PerlMagick: Perl interface to ImageMagick for batch treatment of photographs (cropping, scale bars, thumbnails).
  • Xenu: for checking links.
  • Web Publisher: for files upload to the web site.

Crafted with jEdit   Created with Mozilla   Created with Gimp