Hypoxylon fuscopurpureum



Hypoxylon fuscopurpureum (Schw.: Fr.) M. A. Curtis

Until the report of  H. fuscopurpureum from Austria and Germany by Mühlbauer et al. (2002), this taxon was only known from North America (Ju & Rogers, 1996). It resembles an effused H. fuscum with purplish stromatal surface, small perithecia, olivaceous KOH-extractable pigments and ascospores 12-15 x 5.5-7 µm. It differs from H. fuscum in that ascospores are nearly equilateral and often pyriform, with a perispore not dehiscent in KOH (Ju & Rogers, 1996; Mühlbauer et al.,2002). Moreover, metabolite profiles of both species are very similar, featuring BNT and daldinins C, E and F.

Hypoxylon fuscopurpureum is clearly a taxon which would need to be investigated from additional material from other parts of Europe. Its occurrence in Germany (Bavaria) and Austria suggests it could be present in France in mountain regions.