Nemania sp-JF02150






Nemania sp. JF-02150

Stroma superficial, narrowly ellipsoid, 6 mm long x 2.5 mm broad x 0.6-0.7 mm thick, weakly carbonaceous; surface blackish brown, plane, squamulose, finely reticulate; whitish soft tissue present beneath the perithecial layer, inconspicuous.

Perithecia subglobose, 0.5-0.6 mm diam x 0.5-0.7 mm high.

Ostioles minutely papillate, black.

Asci cylindrical, long-stipitate, the spore-bearing parts 65-75 m long x 7-10 m broad, the stipes averaging 60 m long, with apical apparatus cylindrical to urn-shaped, amyloid, 3-3.5 m high x 2-2.8 m broad.

Ascospores 10-12.5 x 4-4.8 m, pale brown, ellipsoid-inequilateral with broadly rounded ends, with a short, inconspicuous germ slit 3.5-4 m long on the less convex side.

Specimen examined: FRANCE: Arige (09): Vernajoul, Pont Fag, ruisseau de Vernajoul, 31 Aug. 2002, JF-02150, on bark of a little branch of Quercus sp.

Notes: This fungus is likely to be a Nemania, basing on stromatal morphology and microscopic characters, and agrees quite well with N. serpens var. colliculosa except in the squamulose and finely reticulate stromatal surface, and in slightly larger perithecia. The specimen consists of only one small stroma and additional material is needed so that its differential characters can be evaluated.