Dichotomous key to European Nemania


Illustration of characters
1- Ascal apical apparatus not blueing in Melzer's reagent (I-), or blueing very weakly 2
1- Ascal apical apparatus blueing in Melzer's reagent (I+) 4
2- Ascal apical apparatus turning pale red brown in Lugol's solution; ascospores 10-14 x 4-5.5 Ám N. serpens
2- Ascal apical apparatus blueing in Lugol's solution; ascospores 14-18 x 5.5-7.5 Ám 3
3- Stromata usually enclosing more than ten perithecia N. aenea var. aureolutea
3- Stromata uniperitheciate or enclosing few perithecia N. sp. FC-435
4- Ascospores dark brown 5
4- Ascospores pale to medium brown 9
5- Stromata on coniferous needles; ascospores with a hyaline sheath "Hypoxylon" terricola
5- Stromata on woody substrate; ascospores lacking a hyaline sheath 6
6- Ascospores with a conspicuous germ slit spore-length 7
6- Ascospores with a short, less conspicuous germ slit N. atropurpurea
7- Stromata uniperitheciate or enclosing few perithecia, more or less immersed; ascospores 16-23 x 8-11 Ám N. confluens
7- Stromata multiperitheciate, superficial; ascospores 9.5-13.5 x 5-6 Ám 8
8- Perithecial mounds conspicuous N. carbonacea
8- Perithecial mounds inconspicuous N. diffusa
9- Ascospores longitudinally striate N. chestersii
9- Ascospores smooth 10
10- Ascospores averaging less than 8 Ám long N. effusa
10- Ascospores averaging between 10-14 Ám long 11
10- Ascospores averaging between (13-) 14-20 Ám long 18
10- Ascospores averaging more than 20 Ám long N. gwyneddii
11- Ascospores averaging less than 4 Ám broad N. illita
11- Ascospores averaging more than 4 Ám broad 12
12- Ascospores with the germ slit on the more convex side 13
12- Ascospores with the germ slit on the less convex side 14
13- Stromata half-immersed in the wood, basal tissue absent N. sp. PL-820725-01
13- .Stroma superficial, with conspicuous white basal tissue N. sp. JV
14- Stromata mostly uniperitheciate, more or less immersed in the wood N. maritima
14- Stromata multiperitheciate effused, 15
15- Stromatal surface squamulose, with reticulate cracks N. sp. JF-02150
15- Stromatal surface smooth, lacking reticulate cracks 16
16- Ascospores pale brown, with broadly rounded ends and inconspicuous germ slit N. serpens var. colliculosa
16- Ascospores medium brown, with narrowly rounded ends and fairly conspicuous germ slit 17
17- On wood N. sp. PL-971115-01
17- Usually fungicolous (Polypores, Hydnum) N. serpens var. hydnicola
18- Germ slit conspicuous; white tissue beneath the perithecia lacking N. aenea
18- Germ slit inconspicuous; with conspicuous white tissue beneath the perithecia N. aenea var. macrospora