Nemania sp. leg. JV







Nemania sp. leg. J. Vivant

Stroma superficial, orbicular, 8 mm long x 6 mm broad x 0.7-1 mm thick, weakly carbonaceous, with abrupt margin; surface blackish grey, with inconspicuous perithecial mounds; interperithecial tissue greyish brown, the tissue beneath the perithecial layer whitish, soft, extending into the wood.

Perithecia subglobose, 0.5-0.6 mm diam.

Ostioles opening at the same level as the stromatal surface to minutely papillate, black.

Asci cylindrical, long-stipitate, the spore-bearing parts 60-70 Ám long, the stipes averaging 70 Ám long, with apical apparatus urn-shaped, strongly amyloid, 4-5 Ám high x 3.5 Ám broad.

Ascospores 12-13.5 (-15) x 4.8-5.5 Ám, ellipsoid-inequilateral with broadly rounded ends, pale to medium brown, 2-3-seriate in the ascus, with a short, inconpicuous germ slit on the more convex side.

Specimen examined: FRANCE: Landes (40), VallÚe de l'Adour, Vicq d'Auribat, Barthes, 11 Aug. 2001, JF-01191, leg. Jean Vivant, on rotten trunk of Populus.

Notes: this specimen macroscopically resembles Nemania aenea var. macrospora in its blackish grey weakly carbonaceous stroma with a conspicuous layer of whitish tissue beneath the perithecial layer. It differs in having smaller perithecia, less prominent ostioles, asci with a larger urn-shaped apical apparatus and smaller ascospores with a narrow germ slit on the more convex side. Ascospore size ranges slightly overlap, but the situation of the germ slit seems distinctive. This might be a new taxon, which needs additional collections in order to appreciate its probable variations and needs to be cultured in order to be compared to similar taxa, especially N. aenea var. macrospora.