History of updates


Only major updates are listed
December 24, 2004.
Four pages in the Hypoxylon section are added: H. crocopeplum, H. fuscopurpureum, H. petriniae and H. salicicola.
December 22, 2004.
The section Entonaema and a discussion on chemotaxonomy have been added.
June 26, 2004.
The section Rosellinia has been added.
April 1, 2004.
One page updated: Nemania maritima (replacement of Nemania sp. FC-431).
October 15, 2003.
One species is added: Hypoxylon porphyreum
May 8, 2003.
The section Nemania has been added.
April 24, 2003.
Two species are added: Hypoxylon liviae and Biscogniauxia granmoi.
January 24, 2003.
- The section "Xylariaceous fungi formely classified as Hypoxylon" is replaced by a section including all xylariaceous genera.
- The genera Biscogniauxia, Creosphaeria, Entoleuca, Euepixylon, Kretzschmaria are added.
November 2002.
First publication including two sections: "Hypoxylon" and "Xylariaceous fungi formely classified as Hypoxylon".