Screen resolution and color depth


General comments

Following some queries, we explain here how to change screen resolution and the color depth. Both are related as not all computers (depending on graphic cards quality) will allow you to use best color depth (32 bits) together with best resolution. This is a matter of trying it and seeing.

Most computers default resolution is quite low which induces a lot of scrolling. To avoid this problem (which is not specific to our website) you must, if it is possible, encrease the resolution of your screen.

  • Click on the right hand button of your mouse with the cursor somewhere over the desktop.
  • Select "Properties"
  • Click the right tab "Settings"
You should get a window similar to the following one that is self explanatory (slide to the right the pointer of the "Screen area").

  • Click the apple.
  • Select "Control panels"
  • Select "Monitors & sound"
You should get a window similar to one of the following ones that are self explanatory.


If you have been able to install Linux you probably know how to choose color depth and screen resolution. On Linux-Mandrake you have to open the control panel, see below.