Technical recommendations for visiting this site


Browsers: All recent browsers can be used:
  • Opera (6x, 7x),
  • Mozilla (1.x) (and all browsers using the same rendering engine, e.g. Netscape (7.x), Galeon, Chimera,...).
  • Internet Explorer (5.x, 6.x) (and all browsers using the same rendering engine, e.g. Avant browser, Neoplanet,...).
  • Konqueror (3.x) (and Safari),
We have tried to improve compatibility with Netscape 4.x but the appearance of some pages might be odd with this browser (see also item 3 below).
Links: All links in sentences are underlined. Thumbnails in the illustrated taxonomic parts are also links to enlarged photographs.
Screen resolution: This site can be visited with 800 x 600 pixels resolution but it is recommended to use at least 1024 x 768 pixels and at least 16 bits colors (more details).
Brightness: There is a wide variability in screen brightness. The photographs of the Hypoxylon section were processed using a rather dark screen, therfore, they will appear too withish on some screens. For the other sections we have tried to adopt an average value of brightness.
Broken links: If you discover broken links, please inform us by , thanks.

Problems that might be encountered.

If you can visit this site without trouble, ignore the discussion given below.

Briefly, if you use a recent browser that supports frames, Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) and Javascript, you might only encounter minor problems if any.

About 30 combinations of browser/version/OS have been tested. Problems that we have encountered:

  1. Pop-up windows do not open when you click on thumbnails. Assuming that your browser supports Javascript, this is a simple problem of configuration: you just have to enable Javascript. If it is not sufficient (e.g. with Opera 6.0x), you also have to enable pop-up windows in the preference panel.
  2. Pop-up windows do not have focus. This problem was encountered with Konqueror 2.x to 3.x (Linux). It is very troublesome as it prevents visiting properly the illustrated taxonomic parts (the photographs remain hidden behind the main window). Linux users are invited to use Galeon or Mozilla for visiting this site.
  3. The interactive pages (synoptic keys or comparison pages) do not work at all. You must have Javascript enabled (to be checked in the preference panel) but keep in mind that some Javascript enabled browsers are bugged (e.g. Konqueror 2.2 on Linux, Internet Explorer 5.x on Solaris, Netscape 4.x), so cannot be used in an optimal way. With Netscape 4.x, in case of problem, try to reload the page holding the "shift" key.
  4. Problems with the "back" and "forward" buttons of the browser. All browsers using the Gecko/Mozilla rendering engine versions released approximately during the second semester of 2002 (e.g. Mozilla 1.0 to 1.1 and Netscape 7.x on all platforms, etc) present a minor bug that prevents using the "back" and/or "forward" buttons in order to come back to an interactive page. Same problem if you reload such a page. In this case, you have to use navigation buttons instead of the browser buttons. Alternatively, you can reload the page holding the "shift" key.